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This issue explores the geology behind Rhode Island’s maritime history, recreation, and ecology. 


Correction: The aerial photo on page 20 includes a portion of Providence, but not the filled land described in the article.


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Underlying every wave that crashes on Rhode Island’s shore are millions of years of geologic history. In this issue, we examine the many surprising ways that geology shapes life along our coast.

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Laying Low | Geographical vulnerabilities of coastal living
by Meredith Haas
Web | PDF

The Landscape of the Sea 
| Sailors may be shaped by the water, but it’s clear the land influences them, too
by Elaine Lembo, photos by Onne van der Wal
Web | PDF


Geology in Motion | The foundation of surfing
by Meredith Haas, photos by Jesse Burke
Web | PDF

Providence railroads

City on a fill
by Maury Klein
Web | PDF

Beach Birds | 
Geology’s link to avian abundance
by Todd McLeish
Web | PDF

A Military History of Narragansett Bay
by Brian L. Wallin
Web | PDF

We are the Landscape |
An interview with Lorén Spears
by Hugh Markey
Web | PDF

Ice and Oysters | 
From glaciers to the raw bar
by Kate Masury
Web | PDF

Between Land and Sea
 | The Atlantic Coast and the Transformation of New England 
by Hugh Markey
Web | PDF