Winter 2017

Rhode Island’s Ocean and Coastal Magazine

Welcome to 41°N, Rhode Island’s Ocean and Coastal Magazine, a publication of Rhode Island Sea Grant and the Coastal Institute at the University of Rhode Island.  This biannual magazine examines climate change, marine commerce and recreation, ecology and habitats, ocean planning, and the history of Rhode Island’s coastal and marine landscape.




From the Editor


In the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, an apple tree gives the boy she loves a trunk and branches for climbing when he is young, then apples for selling when he gets older, then wood for building, and finally an old stump to rest on. If we were today to write a similar poem for Rhode Island, it might be The Giving Coast, about Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, and the goods and services they provide to us. We expect the coast, unlike the apple tree of the story, to endlessly regenerate everything it brings forth.

In this issue of 41°N, we look at the economics of the coast, and the price we can put—or not—on what it offers, from sand and seafood to intangibles such as ecosystem diversity and water views. And we examine how those things are changing—such as how warming waters are bringing new fish species further north—and how people and industries are adapting, such as how innovations are transforming the face of the marine trades.

Let us know what you think.


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Water View | The price of place
by Ellen Liberman
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Home Values Affected by Narragansett Bay Water Quality
by Tingting Liu, James Opaluch, and Emi Uchida
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Rhode Island’s Resort Economy | Centuries of tourism transform coastal towns
by Maury Klein
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Help Wanted | Rhode Island marine industry tackles skills gap
by Elaine Lembo
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Sand Mine | Looking for beach nourishment from offshore sand deposits
by Meredith Haas
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Coastal Tourism Tested by Climate Change
by Pearl Macek
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Narragansett Bay Watershed | The value of an ecosystem
by Elizabeth C. Smith and Emi Uchida
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The Shuckin’ Truck | From farm to fender
by Carol McCarthy
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Book Review: Other Minds 
by Hugh Markey
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Rhode Island Fishing Industry Facts 
Data courtesy of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
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